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2008 November Philippine Nursing Board Exam Results

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2008 November Philippine Nursing Board Exam Results will be released on January 2009.

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Friday, November 21, 2008



                 Are you ready to take the 2008 November Nursing Licensure Exam this November 28 and 29? Have you formulated some strategies and techniques on how you would be able to manage yourself when taking the exam? Don’t get anxious nor get shaken! Read the 2008 November Nursing Licensure Exam Tips below to help you out with what you are going to prepare and do now that you only a few days to count before the long awaited examinations.

 2008 November Nursing Licensure Exam Tips:  GETTING ON THE HABIT.

 1.  Do not change your pattern of study. It had brought you this far, so it worked. If you have studied alone, continue to study alone. If you have studied in a group, form a study group.

 2.  If you see the need to reestablish your study time, do it soon, not later. Schedule your study time when you are most alert. Study difficult topics during that time where you are most alert.

 3.  Be realistic in your study schedules by not pressuring yourself to cover most topic in a day nor utilizing the whole time for studying. Set aside time for normal activities.


4.  Do not rush. If you get overexcited, overconfident and/or overanxious during the examination, you can no longer think perfectly.

 5.  Practice time tests and stick to a suggested time frame. You will have a little less than 1 minute per question on the examination.

 6.  Take care of yourself. Consider your health as part of your preparation for the examination.

  • Get plenty of rest. When you’re tired, you can’t think deeply or concentrate.
  • Eat nutritious meals to maintain your energy level.
  • Regular exercise helps you work harder and think more clearly.


2008 November Nursing Licensure Exam Tips:  JUST AS YOU WILL START TO MARK THAT PAPER…

 1.  Pray before you start. A humble prayer would usually help by calming you down and relax you just as the examination starts. Prayer supplies by giving you guidance from Above.

 2.  Follow the directions carefully. Do not hesitate to ask the proctor regarding some instructions to avoid errors on your papers.

 3.  Use MONGOL NO. 2 pencil. Make sure it is well sharpened. Bring with you extra pencils in case the pencil had become blunt or the tip had broke off. Be consistent in your shading. The machine checks on the lead.

 3.  MARK THE DESIGNATED SET. Before you mark your first answer, always make sure you have shaded the appropriate set (Set A or Set B).


2008 November Nursing Licensure Exam Tips:  FITTING THE HUNDRED ITEMS IN 2 HOURS.


1.  Have a wrist watch with you and make sure it works in good condition. When answering the exams, you can watch on your clock to take note of the time you had started and when it will end. You can also monitor you pacing whether you are consuming much time or you are budgeting time well. There are testing areas/rooms that do not have wall clocks or sometimes are not working.

 2.  Answer the easiest questions first. Note on your test booklet those you still have to answer. After answering all of the questions, go back to the unanswered items you left. Be sure to erase any extraneous marks you make.

 3.  When you’re done with the exam but you are still ahead of time. Review your answers. Check the marked boxes one by one to make sure that you haven’t missed any box unshaded. If you still have the more time, review again those questions you had difficulty answering with.

 2008 November Nursing Licensure Exam Tips:  HOW TO HIT THE QUESTION?

 1.  Read and understand the immediate question twice. If twice is not enough, you may read it again but ignoring the details except what is being asked. Focus on the last line of the question, usually the main question is positioned on this part.

 2.  Take note of the words which may serve as modifiers. They may shift the thought of the questions. Be careful in reading your questions. If you miss them, you would have a different interpretation of the question. Examples of these modifiers are: except, not, least.


2.  If the answer is still apparent, you may rephrase the question into simpler, more personal terms. You may break down the question into simpler and less intimidating terms to help you focus more accurately on the correct answer.

 3.  Admit that no matter how long your preparations are, you cannot still cover the whole thing. When you will meet questions that you really do not know, just rely on your test taking strategies.


2008 November Nursing Licensure Exam Tips:  CAUGHT BETWEEN CHOICES?

 1.  Read all four choices and eliminate the two poor answers to narrow down your choices into two.

  • If there are two similar answers, eliminate those two choices. The correct answer may be on the remaining two choices.
  • If there are two completely opposite answers, either the two of them is the correct answer. Thus, you eliminate the other two choices.

 2.  Some choices confuse you because they are those happening to the actual setting. Always check you practical experiences against textbook nursing care; choose the one that is the most ideal and what is written in textbooks. Shortcuts and improvisation are done in actual setting.


2008 November Nursing Licensure Exam Tips:  KEY STRATEGIES IN PRIORITIZATION!

 1.  Some of the questions may ask you to determine priority ---deciding which answer is best, most appropriate, or should be implemented first. To help you identify these kinds of questions, look for the following phrases:

  • Most appropriate
  • Best
  • First
  • Last
  • Next
  • Most helpful
  • Most suitable

 2. To help you prioritize, regardless of the type of question or the number of seemingly correct options, the following strategies will help you determine the correct answer:

  • Considering the NURSING PROCESS

- consider this when you asked what you should do in a situation. The Nursing Process will help you determine which step in the process would be next.


- Look into this when you asked regarding about client’s needs. This will guide which need should be addressed first.

  • Reviewing PATIENT SAFETY

- When the question projects that the client does not have an urgent physiological need, focus on client’s safety.

- There are options addressing to the client and others to the equipment. Prioritize the option relating to the client; never place equipment before a client.

  • Reflecting on principles of THERAPEUTIC COMMUNICATION

- If the question involves a communication with the patient, use the principles of therapeutic communication.

                 The above enumerated 2008 November Nursing Licensure Exam Tips are only a few among many possible strategies you may able to apply during the two-day examination. May they help you to pass the examination, one way or another.

                To all the board exam takers, God bless you in taking the 2008 November Nursing Licensure Exam. Think positive always that you will make it. Aim high and not just settle for a passing score.

Saturday, November 8, 2008


For years of preparation and hard work, finally the long awaited chance of revealing themselves worthy to be called RNs will be judged during the two-day examination which will be on November 29-30, 2008. Critical thinking shall be judged according how they may be able to hit the right mark in the different scope of nursing which are Fundamentals of Nursing, Community Health Nursing, Maternal and Child Nursing, Medical-Surgical Nursing, and Psychiatric Nursing, to name a few. As traditionally done, the first three sets of the examinations with a hundred items each are given on the first day, and then the remaining two sets of examination on the next day.

Anxious as they are, the examinees would be agonizing for more anxiety as they wait for the November 2008 Nursing Board Exam results which may be published on January of the next year, depending on the numerosity of the examinees of the November 2008 Nursing Board Exam. In comparison with the June 2008 examination, it takes a longer period for the November 2008 Nursing Board Exam results to be released because of higher number of examinees who registered. This had been a usual trend for years because of the numerous advantages it projects. December (which is now moved to November) takers have longer preparation time (e.g., review classes, scrub completion, scrub form signing) for the board examination.

To the examinees…

Candles burnt every night; uncertain hands when answering the examination papers; palpitations for every conclusion of grades and counseling sessions; in-debt finances just to pay up the enrolment accounts; sleepless nights to polish case presentations; esteem disturbances during clinical exposures…you have undergone all of these hardships. And now that you are almost at the end of the race, do not think of stepping back. It must always be a forward ---firm and prepared for the things to will bump you. The board exam is just one of the challenges that would come your way. You have a lot more to surpass. God bless you all for your examinations! Have faith!

Will your name be there in the November 2008 Nursing Board Exam results?

For those who are waiting for the November 2008 Nursing Board Exam results, the waiting may be distressing but convenience will be brought on to you by this site the moment the list will be released by the Professional Regulation Commission. We will be posting the November 2008 Nursing Board Exam results here. To make things even more convenient, bookmark this page; so that each you visit the web, you may monitor whether the November 2008 Nursing Board Exam results are now out or not.

Nursing Board Exam November 2008

Philippine Nursing Board Exam is one of the biggest events in the Philippines. About more than 60,000 examinees will take part of the most popular course in the country.

Nursing became the hottest business in the Philippines when western countries especially the United States of America was in shortage of nurses. Filipinos take advantage of the demand so they take nursing to able to go abroad which will provide big pay.

Aspiring nurses have already taken daily reviews in a review center across the country to make sure they will pass. The nursing board exam will be on November 29 & 30